Snapchat newbe

snapSnapchat is currently the fastest growing social media app. Recently I have been trying it out. Here are two early conclusions from a newbe snapchatter:
1. It is difficult to grow your SC-network
2. It is hard work to create engaging content

Who to follow?
After installing the app, Snapchat lets you add friends from your contact list. Apparently none of my contacts open their Snapchat app regularly (or they really don’t like me) because nobody adds me back. So how does one get some friends on Snapchat? Unlike Twitter or Facebook, you cannot “browse” your friends’ friends to build a network. You have to know the Snapchat username in order to add the person. Via some blogposts and searching on Twitter I eventually found people to follow, but it still is just a handful.

Creating content
Snapchat lets you post pictures and videos that show no longer than 10 seconds. The posts stay online for 24 hours. So within a day you can build a story about what you are doing. I tried it out during my music rehearsals and found it was real hard work. Basically it is like “editing on the camera”; you have to calculate how the clips go together. And in the meantime I still had to sing my bits. I don’t see myself doing this everyday; it is extremely distracting. However, I think Snapchat can be a great tool for storytelling. I have already seen some interesting examples.