Snapchat follow up

Snapchat-6202237818859025375 Snapchat-7046153807383188653Since I last wrote about Snapchat I have expanded my timeline a bit and tried out various posts. Although my highest amount of views has not exceeded 11 people, I am getting some response from viewers. Yay! They LOL at my pics or they respond to my tips and questions.

I think I have figured out how to chat; but do the chats really dissapear when you close them? I don’t understand yet when to add something to My Story and when to send it personally. Apparently some people only watch snaps that they receive personally, so that could increase the amount of viewers. On the other hand, I’d say that would be plain spamming. For now, I am just adding stuff to My Story.

I am not sure what people enjoy most. I think they prefer video posts over stills.Miep de Boer

Personally I enjoy anything creative. I see people do great stuff with emojis and pen scribbles. Also I enjoy storytellers that take me along on their day and give insight to their jobs and lives. I also follow some couples and get to see multiple perspectives on events. I like that.

I think by now I have found a storytelling format that seems to work for me. My ingredients: telling what is going on, humor & irony, tips & tricks, creativity. I prefer a combo of stills and videos.

My quest for today is to earn the rainbow trophy. You can achieve this by sending 5 snaps with more than five pen colours in it. After posting a flood of drawings yesterday, I did not get my trophy. I learned later  that you only get it when you send the snaps to persons and not when you only add it to My Story. I have found two volunteers willing to be spammed for this :-)


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